Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Why We Work

Cheryl with fresh fruit cups of honeydew from The Oregon Food Bank and beautiful strawberries donated from Shannon who works at Trinity.

It's not easy cooking and serving food to an unknown number of people every week at the Wednesday Community Meal at Trinity Episcopal Cathedral.

And, we don't even know the majority of what ingredients we will have to work with until Tuesday afternoon since most of the food is gleaned the day before the meal from generous businesses like Food Front Cooperative Grocery in Hillsdale, Spring Hill Organic Farm in Albany, Good Samaritan Hospital, Phil's Uptown Meat Market, Grand Central Bakery, Pizza Schmizza, Baker & Spice and Starbucks.

We also weekly "shop the dock" at The Oregon Food Bank, looking for free items we can use. Every week is a surprise.

But despite this, the work is rewarding and something I and the other volunteers love.  I've even heard my friend Bill who volunteers each week to wash dishes say "it's the highlight of my week." Now that's saying something.

What makes the work rewarding is that the volunteers are the nicest people and the guests are lovely and appreciative.

My friend Cheryl who oversees the dining room volunteers shared these stories from today:

A male guest told volunteer Dorrie that he "hadn't eaten in two days" and was so hungry and really looking forward to the meal.

Another male guest told Dorrie "this is such a wonderful place," and then enthusiastically said "let the feast begin."

And volunteer Jan who was stationed at the exit door, said one man said as he was leaving that he was so happy because "it's my birthday today and I got all of my favorite foods."  That would be homemade pigs 'n' a blanket and ribs from Phil's Uptown Meat Market.

We served 296 meals today.

We made pigs 'n' a blanket today with Hebrew National Hotdogs and homemade dough that we spiked with chunks of cheese. The guests loved it.

What a treat!

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